Gladiator Wave GU 9'6 SUP Board package

Gladiator Wave GU 9'6 is the best option for paddlers, having a low or medium mass.

Thanks to its design, this SUP is very durable and provides high level of sturdiness. This inflatable paddleboard model is perfectly suitable for waves of low heights and at the same is great for comfortable gliding on water.


Paddleboard Type: Gladiator Wave GU 9'6
Composition: High Quality Drop Stitch+PVC(1100 grams/meters sq.)
Linear Reach: 9'6 inches / 292 centimeters
Breadth: 32 inches / 79 centimeters
Extent: 4 inches / 10 centimeters
Capacity: 190 liters
Mass: 12 kilograms
Paddler Mass: Up to 80 kilograms
Package set:

Items gotten with the purchase: Paddleboard, a paddle, a pump with a pressure indicator to inflate your paddleboard up to the desired values, leash, compact bag

You need no more than a couple of minutes to pump up your SUP and when it is inflated up to twelve to twenty-five psi, these pressure levels offer great volume, balanced body, which can swim greatly, and enough sturdiness for you to confidently ride waves.

    Gladiator is the economic brand, the product line of which includes 7 paddleboards - G9'4, G9'6, G10'0, G10'6 and G10'8. These multi-functional SUPs are constructed by the dropstich technology, having a thickness of approximately five inches; these boards are made of two layers – both their platforms and rails. They are very sturdy and reliable boards which can be taken advantage of in different water conditions.
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