Inflatable SUP Buyer's Guide

Are you into active pastime? If you are attracted to water sports and have stumbled across a new type of activity for the whole family called stand up paddle boarding, you must be feeling really curious as it does sound like a lot of fun.
We know how hard it can be to buy inflatable SUP board when you are a newbie and understand very little about the types of paddle boards available on the market. There is a vast choice for every type of activity that can be done using an SUP, think about surfing, cruising, racing, fishing and even doing yoga while being on the water, doesn't it sound amazing? You might be feeling even more lost now; we will help you make the right choice as it is actually so much easier than it seems. So how to choose an inflatable paddle board just for you?

All you need is to look through the classification we have prepared; it will provide you with a brief and clear explanation of all the things any SUP buyer needs to know.

  • Allround – they are the easiest ones to pick because such SUPs are universal for most types of activities, can handle both cruising and surfing, have a very good glide. They will do well for any occasion and will suit both beginners and advanced users.
  • Touring (also known as Cruise) –paddle boards of a larger size for going on long distance trips; they have a pointed front for better gliding and speed. Touring paddle boards are the right choice for flat water
  • WindSUP – they are constructed the same way as all the other inflatable SUP boards but have a special holder for a mast and sail providing you with more opportunities for active pastime. WindSUP is great for windsurfing beginners and it can also be used for paddle boarding or windsurfing.
  • Surfing – these boards are smaller in size and shorter, they do not go as fast as longer touring boards but they can be incredibly maneuverable when riding the waves. Their construction allows you to turn faster when riding the waves and due to the design and engineering solutions they can be just as good as regular surfboards.
  • Yoga – due to the growing trend of working out in the nature away from the gym the company called Mistral has introduced its inflatable fitness station. All the paddle boards are attached to one anchored tube station so you can work out without having to worry about the current. The new models are even equipped with elastic bands that turn them into water fitness stations. There is no need to be scared of falling into the water because even if you do, it will be regarded as a part of the workout.
  • Race – this is a type of an inflatable paddle board that is narrower and longer than the rest, it is not as stable or maneuverable but can develop a very high speed and is ideal for racing. They are ideal for paddlers with a better balance that want to try their limits and challenge each other.
  • Women – this is an ordinary SUP with neater and softer design that will be very appealing for women and these inflatable paddle boards do deserve their own category as they are growing more and more popular among the customers.
  • Kid – smaller and lighter paddle boards like these are created especially for kids and teenagers.
  • Packages – our shop provides customers with a package option. We pick out all the necessities for paddle boarding and sell them in a package for better comfort. Package items are cheaper than the separate ones so it is a great way to get better stuff and save your money.
This is just a brief outlook of everything we have to offer and it was meant to make your choice easier and answer the main question of how to choose an inflatable paddleboard. And just in case you would like to get an expert tip or have a question, we will always be happy to help you, but don't you just feel like trying out them all?
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