Why choose an inflatable SUP?

One day you may be considering about getting a new paddleboard. If you have such an idea in your mind, then buying an Inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) would be the best option. In recent years, inflatable paddleboards have incredibly changed in terms of technology and design features and this level of improvement and development makes it possible for them to become a very promising competitor for hard boards.
It is a known fact that among youth paddleboarding becomes one of the most popular sports exercised on water in the Europe. This phenomenon takes place thanks to the high level of comfort and practicality provided by inflatable SUPs to sportsmen nowadays. Below you will be able to find out about the advantages presented to customers by Inflatable SUPs.

The main desire behind the design and production of inflatable SUPs is to create such a paddleboard that provides functionality which can be compared to the way a hard board would perform on water. This results in wonderful experience of paddleboarding.

Thanks to competition on the market and the fact that every manufacturer tries to out-beat its competitors, technology made a huge step forward in inflatable SUP production. The main goal is to make them sturdy and stiff just like a hard board. A paddleboard, having this feature, does not bend when a person stands or swim on it. This results in higher amount of momentum, which facilitates in moving forward much faster and further. The newest models of SUPs are built so that they can be inflated to a pressure of more than twenty psi, making it a very stiff model.
Yes, it is true that you can find much cheaper versions of SUPs in online stores or at stores near your beach where you are going to swim. However, those cheap paddleboards lack the high level of reliability that inflatable SUPs possess. They can be easily damaged, torn and broken apart. Our company is proud to state that we provide inflatable SUPs only from highly respected and known brands, making sure that any of our products show the best level of performance for you.

Presenting the newest, cutting-edge manufacturing technology created to build inflatable SUPs, which are incredibly reliable on water, always stiff and sturdy and show the best performance at any time.
Every company, manufacturing inflatable paddleboards, has their own special method of making deals on this market. However, the technology of building paddleboards with double layers and laminated surface has really changed the game and made a huge step forward for the market development. This technology is provided by Red Paddle Co. Thanks to this brand new design, inflatable stand-up paddleboards are reduced by 25% in weight and became sturdier by 30% compared to paddleboards based on obsolete technology of old days. There has been no better time to purchase an inflatable SUP than now after introduction of this technology among most of huge brands!
Storage and Transportation

If you a lucky buyer of an inflatable SUP, then this great purchase opens you an incredibly beautiful world of adventures and freedom. If you happen to live near a lake or a beach, then it is even more accessible for you to have some relaxation time among your friends and family surrounded nothing but nature and take advantage of your inflatable paddleboard.
One of the best features of inflatable SUPs is the fact that it can fit in a backpack and can be put in and out of it in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to transport it at the back of your car or take it for longer trips on trains or airplanes. An inflatable stand-up paddleboard can be inflated in a couple of minutes at a pressure of twenty psi. It takes very little space wherever you decide to store it at.

SUPs provide their owners an amazing opportunity to enjoy nature and explore its hidden and undiscovered corners. You have a chance to take it with you wherever you want, even to very distant places of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. It gives you great freedom! Simply amazing!


One of other many advantages of an inflatable SUP board is that it is extremely durable. It can fall from great heights, it can be stepped on, dropped and driven over: no matter what kind of deformation it experiences it always stays in its original condition.

You can easily chip off some paint of your hard board if you drop it or hit it somewhere. However, this does not apply to inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Forget those days when you had to constantly fix your board! But keep in mind that not all paddleboards possess the same level of reliability and quality. For example, those cheap paddleboards that can be purchased online or nearby your beach cannot brag about their durability just like inflatables ones do. They can be easily damaged, torn and broken apart. Our company does its best to provide you with only such boards which can withstand any physical challenge thrown at them. Here is a video that can show you how durable inflatable paddleboards are.

Hopefully, by now you already understood that the iSUPs are the best type of paddleboards out there on the market right now. No matter what your plans are – exploration expeditions or surfing at high wind speeds – you will always enjoy the experience gained from an inflatable paddleboard, which we have in stock for you at any time.
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