D7 10'0 Carbon Style SUP Board package

Specially designed for women the D7 10'0 Carbon Style SUP offers ease of use, performance, and fun for everyone! With ample width, the Style 10'0" is very stable for riders up to 90kg's in flat water, river paddling, or surf. It is extremely durable and rigid thanks to Power Carbon Fabric sidewalls. Enjoy a cruise in flat water, paddle with one of your kids on the front, or just enjoy knowing that you have a versatile board that anyone up to 90kg's can find easy and enjoyable. A great board to share with friends!


Model: D7 10'0 Carbon Style
Material: Woonpong (Korea) Drop Stitch+PVC(1100g/m2) + Power Carbon Fabric sidewalls
Length: 10'0″/305 cm
Width: 31″/79 cm
Thickness: 4.72″/12 cm
Volume: 200 liters
Weight: 13.6 kg
Rider Weight: Up to 90 kg

Package set:

  • Board
  • Carbon 3pc paddle and paddle bag with zipper
  • Nylon backpack with wheels, light and resistant with zipper
  • A repairing kit with special glue for PVC, 3 PVC patches, and valve key
  • Double action Bravo pump with pressure gauge
  • One big US Box elastic center fin
  • Two small US Box elastic side fins
  • Safety spiral leash
    It only takes a few minutes to inflate the board, and when pumped between 12 – 25 PSI, provides a high volume, stable platform that will glide well in flat water, and is also rigid enough to take in the surf.

    D7 Boards – is the premium segment brand, the boards of which are made of German HEYtex high-tech PVC material, specifically, HEYtrax High-Density Double-wall PVC 15cm (6″). It is a machine-woven structure that is seamlessly interlinked by spacer threads. The most popular board by weight is our 10'6″, which, at only 8.5 kg, is the lightest board on the market. At the same time, this double-wall material preserves the greatest rigidity by 28000 spacer threads in one square meter, which far surpasses conventional linear drop-stitch materials. The rails of the boards are made of the full-length 3k Power Carbon Fabric. Moreover, this multi-layer PVC material with the primary carboxylic structure ensures 100% mechanical protection.

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